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About us

Usually, when you are in a big city, you are exposed to some unavoidable risks. Considering the high crime rates, the greatest motivation worry is to think a little more about our security measures. That’s why you need the best security systems, and Locksmith Renton provides them for you. Our company offers an extensive stock of security hardware, from traditional door locks to complex access control devices and keyless systems, all of them of the best quality. But above all else, the best asset we have is our workforce. They are all certified and experienced professionals, and we guarantee that they will make your place a safe one.


After World War Two, when America was recovering from the economic damages it suffered, and rejoicing about the end of the war, a young man named Josh Sinclair noticed that people were still afraid. Some men that came back from the front still felt anxious, and the general feeling was of insecurity. There he had an idea, to form an enterprise dedicated to making people feel secure, safe and in peace. He founded Locksmith Renton and fulfilled his goal of making a living at home.

After a few years, that small idea became a great company, giving jobs to many people, and contributing to the city’s safeness feeling, even during the troubled 60s. Always giving the best of services and providing the best products, the company made a reputation.

In 2013, Chris passed away, but we bet that he would be proud to see that his legacy is still standing. Locksmith Renton has consolidated itself in the heart of this city, and we serve our customers with great enthusiasm. We will continue making your lives and your homes secure.

We’ll be there for you, so why don’t you give us a call?